Daily Fantasy Sports is booming with growth projected to continue dramatically over the next few years.  I personally have gotten big into the Daily Fantasy Hockey and I figured it was time to add a Daily Fantasy page to the site.

My favourite Daily Fantasy site for hockey is DraftKings.com.

Top NHL DFS Site

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How To Play Daily Fantasy Hockey

DraftKings LogoFirst things first, you need a DraftKings.com account.  Click here to sign up…..

Next, you will need to find an NHL contest that you want to enter.  DraftKings.com offers plenty of big guaranteed contests to enter (my preference), or you can also enter head-to-head, 50/50 or smaller leagues.

Now comes the fun part.  Picking your team….

Draft Your Team

At DraftKings your NHL team consists of 2 centers, 3 wingers, 2 defensemen, 1 utility position (any player) and 1 goaltender.

You are given $50,000 in salary to fill all of these positions.  Each player that is playing that night has a certain “salary” attached to them.  For example, the night I’m writing this Stamkos has an $8900 salary, while Tyler Johnson is priced at $7700.

Fill your roster while staying under the $50,000 cap.  Here’s a sample roster from the second round of the 2015 playoffs:

DraftKings fantasy team


It’s pretty important to understand the scoring when picking your team.  Getting more points than the other teams is how you win the contests, so it’s kind of crucial.  Here is the NHL scoring from DraftKings.com:


  • Goals = 3 points
  • Assists = 2 points
  • Shot on Goal = 0.5 points
  • Blocked Shots = 0.5 points
  • Short Handed Point = 1 point bonus
  • Shootout Goal = 0.2 points
  • Hat Trick = 1.5 point bonus


  • Win = 3 points
  • Saves = 0.2 points
  • Goals Against = -1 points
  • Shutout = 2 point bonus
  • ***Goalies do receive player points as well.


Here are a few basic tips for picking your NHL team.  Everyone develops their own strategy and different strategies work for different contest types (guaranteed vs 50/50) but these are a few that work for me.

  • Pick back-up goaltenders on good teams/against bad teams.  Back-up goalies are a great way to save some coin and from my experience it’s the team that often makes the goaltender.  Check on DailyFaceoff.com to see which goaltenders are confirmed starters for that game and take some undervalued guys to save here.
  • Take linemates.  This is especially true in guaranteed contests.  Linemates will often collect points on each others goals, so this is a good boom or bust strategy to finish high in a big contest.  If I’m taking Tyler Johnson, I’m probably looking to take Kucherov and Palat as well.
  • Don’t Pick Players vs Your Goaltender – This is fairly obvious, but I figured I’d should mention it.  If you have Corey Crawford in net and they’re playing the Wild, don’t take Parise as well.  This just doesn’t make any sense.  To win a big contest you need all of your players to perform well.
  • The Rule Doesn’t Apply to Players – I should also mention this rule doesn’t apply to players.  I often pick players from two teams who are playing each other because once a game starts having some goals, there is more where that came from.  For this reason it’s actually smart to take players against each other in some occasions and hope for a barn burner.
  • Look for playing time in the super cheap players – If I need to save some money and get a guy for $2500-$2800 I’m mainly going to look at ice time.  I won’t expect any points out of this player, but I’ll hope for some shots for or blocked shots just based on his ice time.

That’s it for now with the tips.  If I think of more I’ll update this page later.

Ready to play some daily fantasy hockey?  Click here to check out our DraftKings review, or skip it all together and head to DraftKings.com to pick a team.