5Dimes is one of our top rated sportsbooks for NHL betting due to the fact that they very often provide the best odds for NHL bets throughout the season.  In order to help you add some more money to your bankroll we wanted to make sure that you understood how to receive the bonus from 5Dimes.eu.

By signing up to 5Dimes through our exclusive link you receive the best possible 5Dimes bonus when signing up at the sportsbook.  You must deposit at least $100 in order to receive any bonus, with the maximum bonus set at $520.  Any deposit amount between $100 and $400 will be credited a 50% bonus and any deposit amount on top of $400 is credited with a 20% bonus.  So in order to receive the maximum $520 bonus you must deposit at least $2000 ($400*50% + $1600*20% = $520).  You receive the bonus in 10% increments every time you rollover the total amount of the bonus (if the bonus is $520 you would receive $52 added to your account after you have made $520 worth of bets).

5 Dimes Bonus Sign Up Steps

  • Step 1 – Close your current 5Dimes sign up form.
  • Step 2 – Click THIS LINK to open a new 5Dimes.eu window.
  • Step 3 – Click the register button under the player login form.
  • Step 4 – Finish your registration and make your initial deposit.
  • Step 5 – Email customer support in order to request your bonus.


Click link and follow instructions above –> www.5Dimes.eu (Bonus Link)

**Any link on NHLBettingTips.com will qualify you to receive the 5Dimes bonus of up to $520.

***It is important to remember to contact the 5Dimes customer support in order to request the bonus after you have made your first deposit.

You will notice that the odds from 5Dimes are used in many of our NHL predictions posts.  This is because 5Dimes is regularly the best online sportsbook when it comes to providing competitive NHL odds.  They are also a highly trustworthy, well respected, safe and secure online sportsbook that accepts players from around the world including the United States.  For these many reasons we use 5Dimes as one of our top bookies for NHL betting.

5Dimes Bonus Rating

8.9 out of 10

I do the majority of my betting at 5Dimes and because of that the structure of this 5Dimes bonus is perfect for me.

In order to get the full bonus you do need to make a large $2000 deposit, but bonuses are rare at 5Dimes and for this reason I believe this is a worthy investment. After that the bonus basically clears itself. You don’t have to worry about an expiration date on the bonus because there isn’t one and rolling over 100% of the bonus happens very quickly (especially when you have $2,000 to play with).

5Dimes.eu almost always offers the best odds for NHL games. So this bonus is exactly that: a bonus. Because I would be betting the NHL at 5Dimes regardless.

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