You can contact me or Brandon at any time by using either of the emails below.  Simply replace the [at] with an @ symbol.

Contact Niko (Owner) – Niko [at]

Contact Brandon (Main Handicapper) – Brandon [at]

About Niko

I am the owner of and have been providing my picks free online for several years. Over the course of the 2013 season I finished with a record of 101-80 for +23.45 units. I have found my most success picking playoff series winners, with a record of 5-3 for +0.39 units in last years first round and 12-3 for +9.20 units over the entire 15 series in the 2013 playoffs.

This season I hired Brandon to provide his picks for the site, while I focused on a new endeavour,

Brandon will be providing the majority of the picks with your subscription, but I will also include my playoffs series tips, as well as my 5 star picks throughout the season.

Feel free to email me about anything relating to the site or the paid picks service.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

About Brandon

Brandon is the current NHL picks expert at He came on board this season and has put together a record of 35-27 for +6.21 units.

Brandon has been betting on sports for the past 10 years and has become an expert in betting analytics. He applies his expertise using his unique system of investigating reverse line movement to find the most profitable plays for the night.

Brandon is also a big believer in only betting the +EV plays, which means that some nights he will stay dark and save his action for more profitable situations.

If you have any praise, criticism or questions for Brandon, don’t hesitate to email him.