The American Hockey League, better known as the AHL, is the second best hockey league in North America, second only to the NHL.  Every team in the NHL has an American Hockey League “farm team” where they send their developing players and call-up replacement players when the NHL team is facing injuries.  The American Hockey League is considered by many to be the second best league in the world, but the KHL and Swedish Elite League are also very debatable.

You will find it hard to find AHL betting lines at many online sportsbooks and this is because almost no quality online bookmakers offer AHL hockey betting.  But lucky for you AHL fans who want to bet on your favourite teams we have found one great online sportsbook that allows you to bet on every AHL game throughout the season.  That sportsbook is Sports Interaction.  The ironic thing is that Sports Interaction is the only sportsbook online to offer AHL betting, but they don’t even accept American bettors.  This is ironic because 26 of the 30 teams in the AHL play out of American cities.  The only 4 Canadian teams are the Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreal Canadiens affiliate), St. John’s Icecaps (Winnipeg Jets affiliate), Toronto Marlies (Toronto Maple Leafs affiliate) and Abbotsford Heat (Calgary Flames).

But, Canadian AHL hockey fans, you are in luck (as well as any other AHL fans from around the world, excluding the USA)! is one of our top rated online sportsbooks and they are committed to growing their brand, especially in the Canadian marketplace.  Visit to check out the AHL betting lines offered by Sports Interaction.

AHL Betting Lines

Sports Interaction currently only offers regulation time, money line odds for AHL games.   This means that you are betting on how the game finishes after three periods of hockey (60 minutes) have been played.  Overtime and shootouts are not included in the wagers.  Therefore, there are three outcomes you can bet on: Team A, Team B or Draw.  This results in the payout for either team increasing, but you lose out on the chance of either team pulling out a win for you in overtime or shootout.

Win Money Betting on the AHL

The majority of sportsbooks don’t offer AHL betting lines for one reason: because very few people wager on the AHL.  This is true, but it also enables bettors who follow the AHL to get a hand up on the sportsbooks that do offer AHL odds.  The oddsmakers will not be putting a lot of time into researching fair odds for AHL hockey games and because the public does not bet on the AHL very much the betting lines will likely not be moved even if they are lopsided.  AHL fans can thus find a lot of sharp bets and make a solid profit on AHL betting throughout the season.

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