NHL sportsbooks have become so advanced that it is now normal for you to bet on NHL games live during the action.  Live NHL betting can be very beneficial for bettors because you can see how either team is playing when you place your bet and you can take into account injuries, penalties, and anything else that might affect the outcome of the game.  If you do decide to bet on live NHL games it’s important to only bet on NHL games that you are watching, otherwise you are giving up a significant edge to the oddsmaker.  Below you will find some reviews of the live betting capabilites of some of our top rated NHL sportsbooks.

5Dimes Live NHL Betting

5Dimes, which is one of my go to sportsbooks mainly because they always have very fair odds (they are also trustworthy and secure, but that is a prerequisite to be listed on this site) also offer live NHL betting.  That being said it’s not quite “in-play” betting because the lines are only available between periods.  So if you are watching a Red Wings game and see Datsyuk starting to take control of the game with Detroit down at the end of the 2nd period, you can head over to 5Dimes and bet on the Wings to come back and win the game in the 3rd.

Sports Interaction Live NHL Betting

Sports Interaction offers a variety of live betting lines throughout the game with the odds changing with the flow of play and the happenings on the ice.  Sports Interaction is dedicated to providing great service for NHL bettors so you will find live betting on every NHL game throughout the season! Check out the Sports Interaction live, in-play NHL betting below:

Live NHL Betting at SportsInteraction.com

Bookmaker Live NHL Betting

Bookmaker offers live betting on select games throughout the NHL season.  You will usually only find one NHL game per time slot.  This typically means that Bookmaker will offer live betting on one game being played in the Eastern Conference and then one game being played out West.

Bodog Live NHL Betting

Bodog is another sportsbook that offers some great up to date NHL betting lines.  The live betting software is state of the art with fast updates that prevent significant lockout times when the odds are being changed.  Check out a screenshot of Bodog’s live betting below:

Live NHL Betting at Bodog

Bet365 Live NHL Betting

Bet365 is another solid site for live NHL betting.  They offer more betting options than you can imagine, which is difficult for in-play oddsmakers.  The live betting window shown below is cut off and doesn’t even show all of the different betting options that Bet365 makes available during an NHL game.

Live NHL Betting at Bet365