Major Junior Hockey is huge in Canada with each Major Junior team having a huge following in their hometown and the Memorial Cup and World Junior Championships each drawing huge fanfare.  The Canadian Hockey League (aka CHL) is composed of the OHL (Ontario Hockey League), WHL (Western Hockey League) and QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League), which are the three main Major Junior Leagues in Canada.  These leagues are often considered a stepping stone for top players on their way to the NHL.

For the amount of pride and passion that local residents have in their Major Junior teams you would expect more online sportsbooks to offer Major Junior Hockey betting lines, but after checking out each of our recommended online sportsbooks, only one bookie offers these lines.  Sports Interaction is a solid online sportsbook that is committed to providing Canadians with the best sports betting experience online, so it makes sense that they would offer a greater variety of hockey lines than any other bookie I have seen.

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OHL, WHL and QMJHL Betting Lines

Sports Interaction currently only offers regulation time money line odds for these Major Junior hockey leagues.  This means you are wagering on the outcome of the game after the first 3 periods (overtime and shootout are not taken into account).  Therefore, you can wager on either team winning in regulation or the game finishing 60 minutes in a draw.  The payouts are higher for wagering on either team, but this is because they must win in regulation.

Win Money Betting On OHL, WHL and QMJHL Hockey

Being the only sportsbook online that offers OHL, WHL or QMJHL betting lines means that Sports Interaction must set their own odds.  This fact, combined with the reality that not many people will be betting on major junior hockey means that it should be possible to find many sharp lines to make money betting on junior hockey this season.  With more popular sports oddsmakers will put in much more time into accurately predicting a fair betting line and even if they are off the lines will change based on what side of the line the majority of the public are choosing.  With major junior hockey at Sports Interaction you can find lopsided odds right out of the gate and because there aren’t many bettors the lines will usually stay put even if there are changes prior to a game (injuries, goaltending switch, etc).

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