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My name is Niko and I run the site, with the help of Brandon, who I brought on this year to provide winning picks.  He’s been killing it so far.

Are you looking for free NHL picks?

This year we have decided to give out all of our NHL picks ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Last year we were only giving our picks out to paid members and I personally finished the season up +15.93 units and followed that up with a successful run in the playoffs of another +13.35 units (you can see my 2014-15 picks here).  The members who were signed up definitely got their moneys worth, but I still decided to switch directions this year and simply offer all of our picks for free.

We give out our picks in three different ways:

1. On the NHL Betting Tips Facebook page.  Make sure you like the page to get our daily picks.  I also often run various contests on the Facebook page with cash prizes up for grabs, so it’s definitely advantageous to be apart of our Facebook community.

2. Via Email.  Enter your name and email below to join the NHL Betting Tips mailing list.  I send out our picks via email every day.  This is the best way to ensure that you receive our winning picks right to your inbox each day.

3. Here on the site.  I don’t have the time to do a full write-up every day, which is why I strongly suggest you join the NHL Betting Tips Facebook page and Email List.  That said, I’m going to try to get a full write up done here at the site at least once a week.

I’m going to once again record my picks in a Google Spreadsheet that is accessible to the public by clicking here.  This way you can follow along with my picks and know if I’m on a hot streak or in a bit of a slump at the time.  It also provides more transparency so visitors like yourself can see for yourself that we truly are winning NHL bettors.

Latest Free Picks

Here are the last few picks that I’ve had time to write up on the site.  Remember, to see all of the recent picks you need to join the NHL Betting Tips Facebook page and also sign up to the NHL Betting Tips mailing list.

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About NHL Betting Tips

Here at NHL Betting Tips you will find everything you need to start making money betting on the NHL.  We give you winning daily NHL picks, as well as general tips and strategies to help you turn a profit betting on the NHL long term.

We’ve recommended a few online sportsbooks which are the best for NHL bettors in terms of their odds and also their regular promotions.

If there’s one tip I can give you it’s to line shop between online sportsbooks to make sure you’re getting the best return on each bet.  Check out our NHL odds page for break downs of how to understand the different odds formats and some of the more popular NHL bets.

And for you Canadians out there, if you’re betting Proline you’re basically throwing some of your potential profits in the garbage by accepting those horrible odds.

How Our Predictions Work

Every pick that we make will be considered a 1 unit play.  A unit is generally equal to 1% of your bankroll, so if you have $1000 available to you for betting, then each pick is a $10 bet.  On rare occasions where I really love a specific play, I might say it’s a 2 unit play, which would mean I’m risking 2% of my bankroll instead of the usual 1%.

Our records are displayed in terms of +/- units for the season.  You will notice our record for the sites picks at the top of each new pick article.  I also keep a record of every pick I make in a Google Docs spreadsheet which you can see here.

Here’s a quick example:

If we like the Bruins at odds of 1.75 over the Maple Leafs, then we are risking 1 unit to win 0.75 units.  So if the Bruins win our record would increase +0.75, but if the Maple Leafs pulled off the upset our record would decrease -1.00.

Why Follow Our Picks?

Well, first of all, it’s completely up to you if you want to follow us.  I personally have been a winning NHL bettor for several years and I continue to be as emerged in studying the NHL and how to be a profitable NHL bettor as ever.  In 2014-15 I sold my picks for the second half of the season and finished the season and playoffs (from January 27th onwards) up +29.28 units (2014-15 picks spreadsheet).  There are cold streaks in that span, but I fully believe that I will have another profitable season this year.

Brandon, the handicapper I brought on this year is an expert in studying the analytics of the betting marketplace and how line movements predict where the value is on NHL plays.  His record so far this season speaks for itself, but once again there are also going to be cold streaks.

The choice is completely yours whether you follow the picks.  If nothing else, you can get some entertainment out of our picks, or maybe reassurance that your initial thoughts are agreed with.