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My name is Niko and I run the site, with the help of Brandon, who I brought on this year to provide winning picks.  He’s been killing it so far.

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Latest Free Picks

Ducks vs Blackhawks

Blackhawks vs Wild – 2015 Conference Finals Series Pick

The Western Conference Finals is set.  The Chicago Blackhawks (4-0 vs Wild) and Ducks (4-1 vs Flames) each made quick work of their opponents in the second round to set ....

Lightning vs Canadiens – 2015 Round 2 Series Pick

Lightning vs Canadiens – 2015 Round 2 Series Pick

The Tampa Bay Lightning were able to shut out the Detroit Red Wings last night in a winner take all game 7 to close up the first round.  With that ....


NHL Betting Tips 2015 Bracket Contest

It’s somewhat late notice, but I’ve decided to run an NHL Betting Tips bracket contest for this years NHL playoffs.  If things go well this will become a regular thing ....

About NHL Betting Tips

Here at NHL Betting Tips you will find everything you need to start making money betting on the NHL.  We give you winning daily NHL picks, as well as general tips and strategies to help you turn a profit betting on the NHL long term.

We’ve recommended a few online sportsbooks which are the best for NHL bettors in terms of their odds and also their regular promotions.

If there’s one tip I can give you it’s to line shop between online sportsbooks to make sure you’re getting the best return on each bet.  Check out our NHL odds page for break downs of how to understand the different odds formats and some of the more popular NHL bets.

And for you Canadians out there, if you’re betting Proline you’re basically throwing some of your potential profits in the garbage by accepting those horrible odds.

How Our Predictions Work

Every pick you see on the site will be considered a 1 unit play.  A unit is generally equal to 1% of your bankroll, so if you have $1000 available to you for betting, then each pick is a $10 bet.  If you sign up for our Members Only picks then you will notice that on occassion we also send out 2 unit plays when we find great value.

Our records are displayed in terms of +/- units for the season.  You will notice our record for the sites picks at the top of each new pick article.  The members only picks record is shared via a Google Docs spreadsheet (email me if you’re interested in seeing it).

Here’s a quick example:

If we like the Bruins at odds of 1.75 over the Maple Leafs, then we are risking 1 unit to win 0.75 units.  So if the Bruins win our record would increase +0.75, but if the Maple Leafs pulled off the upset our record would decrease -1.00.

Why Follow Our Picks?

Well, first of all, it’s completely up to you if you want to follow us.  I personally have been a winning NHL bettor for several years and I continue to be as emerged in studying the NHL and how to be a profitable NHL bettor as ever.  In 2013 I wrote all of the picks for this site and finished the year up +23.45 units.  That said, there’s also been cold years where I just break even….there are no guarantees in this business.

Brandon, the handicapper I brought on this year is an expert in studying the analytics of the betting marketplace and how line movements predict where the value is on NHL plays.  His record so far this season speaks for itself, but once again there are also going to be cold streaks.

The choice is completely yours whether you follow the picks.  If nothing else, you can get some entertainment out of our picks, or maybe reassurance that your initial thoughts are agreed with.