2014 NHL Playoffs

The Bruins came through for me with a strong 3-0 win over the the Red Wings, but the Flyers lost at home to the Rangers.  In the late game which decided whether or not I made a profit tonight the Sharks came up huge with a Marleau chip to the net took a fortunate bounce […]

2014 NHL Playoffs

Last night the Blue Jackets had the game in their clutches, but a few bad bounce goals ended the game with a 4-3 Penguins win.  The Pens probably deserved the win, but it would have been nice if the Jackets were able to hold on.  In the Avs vs Wild game nobody scored until overtime […]

Columbus Blue Jackets betting

I didn’t get any picks up the last couple of days, which is a shame because most of my series predictions are panning out well, which would have resulted in some wins in my single game bets.  My last picks day was the 17th and I went 2-2. 2014 NHL Playoff Record: 4-3 for +0.13 […]

2014 NHL Playoffs

Last night went fairly well.  I went 2-1 for +0.61 units.  The one loss was the Blue Jackets losing to the Pens and they looked really good actually.  So overall a good start to the playoffs.  There are four games tonight now, so we are right back at it.  I’m busy today so this will […]

2014 NHL Playoffs

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs kick off tonight with three games set to take place.  Last year I did well in the playoffs and although I had a very poor season picks wise I’m hoping my past playoff success can turn my year around. Montreal Canadiens @ Tampa Bay Lightning In this series I don’t […]

2014 NHL Playoffs

My picks throughout the regular season this year have not been great.  They were actually horrible, but I’ve always had success picking series in the NHL playoffs and I expect this to continue this year.  Picking series winners is much more of a skill than picking single games because the best team will win a […]

Division Winner Odds

I had another 0-3 night on Tuesday.  This really just hasn’t been my season at all.  That said, the picks are still coming.  You can choose to fade me if you like. Season Record-: 52-102 for -49.18 units. Buffalo Sabres @ New York Rangers This is probably the biggest underdog I’ve seen all season.  The […]

Toronto Maple Leafs logo

I haven’t been able to get many posts up over the past week, but today’s a great day to get back at it because there are plenty of games going on tonight. Season Record-: 52-99 for -46.18 units. Toronto Maple Leafs @ Tampa Bay Lightning The Maple Leafs have to win this game to keep […]

Islanders Betting

Last night was huge in terms of having a ton of games with playoff implications.  The Stars won a huge game and the Leafs kept alive with a win to break their losing streak.  The Blue Jackets were able to get a point, while the Caps were embarrassed in that Dallas game and their chances […]

Flyers prediction

I’m a little late getting this post up, but you still have a couple hours to get your bets in before the games begin.  I went 1-2 last night.  The two losses were of course in extra time (one shootout), while the win was a 6-1 blowout. Season Record-: 50-97 for -46.53 units. Toronto Maple […]