NHL Betting Tips 2017 Bracket Contest

It’s playoff time and that means it’s time to fill out your NHL brackets.  This year I’m allowing NHL Betting Tips users to hop on board the annual contest I run at my main site SportsBettingCanadian.ca and have a shot at the $750 in prizes to be won.

If you’ve never participated in an NHL bracket contest before it’s very easy.  You simply pick which team you expect to win each series all the way to the Stanley Cup Champion and you earn points whenever you’re correct.  Keep reading for all the details and how to enter.


As I mentioned above we’re piggy backing on the Sports Betting Canadian contest this year.  Because of that the prizes are all in Canadian dollars.  Here are the prizes for this year:

  • 1st place – $200 voucher for online sports betting
  • 2nd and 3rd place – $100 for betting online
  • 4th and 5th place – $50
  • 6th to 15th – $25

The total prize pool is $750 and you have a great shot at winning some cash with the top 15 places each winning money.


Here’s how the points are awarded for the bracket:

  • 1st round = 5 points
  • 2nd round = 7 points
  • 3rd round = 10 points
  • Stanley Cup Champ = 15 points
  • 1 bonus point will also be awarded for every upset picked correctly.

If there is a tie after the tie-breaker the prizes will be split evenly among those in the tie.  If this can’t be done easily a draw will be held.

How To Enter

In order to join the bracket I’m asking that you both like the NHL Betting Tips Facebook page and join the NHL Betting Tips newsletter.  Below are the three steps that you’ll need to take to enter the contest.  If you do not complete all 3 steps then you are not eligible for the prizes.

  1. Like the NHL Betting Tips Facebook page by clicking the ‘Like’ button below:



  2. Join the NHL Betting Tips newsletter by entering your email below.  You can unsubscribe at any time following the contest. 
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3. Click here to enter your 2017 NHL Bracket at Office Pool Junkie


1 entry per person.  Anyone with more than 1 entry in this contest will have each of their entries voided.

The prizes are meant for sports betting online and you will be required to deposit the voucher at an agreed upon online sportsbook.

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