2016 Stanley Cup Odds Are Already Out – My Tips

It hasn’t even been a full day since Jonathan Toews and company hoisted the Stanley Cup above their heads in Chicago, but the online sportsbooks have already released the 2016 Stanley Cup winner odds.  I guess there is no better time to start thinking about the next Cup winner than minutes after the last Cup winner has been decided.

That said, we do need to pay the 2015 Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks some respect.  They are a borderline dynasty after all, with 3 Stanley Cups in 6 years in the parity filled cap era of the NHL.  I think a picture will do:

Blackhawks Cup 2015

They look sharp.  Who is going to be cramming into a picture at this time next year?  Well why not start to think about it…..

2016 Stanley Cup Winner Odds

I’m going to use the odds from Bet365.com, but every self-respecting online bookie already has these futures odds up, so I suggest comparing between all of our recommended sportsbooks for NHL betting.

  • Chicago Blackhawks 8/1
  • New York Rangers 8/1
  • Anaheim Ducks 9/1
  • Tampa Bay Lightning 10/1
  • Minnesota Wild 10/1
  • Montreal Canadiens 10/1
  • St. Louis Blues 11/1
  • Nashville Predators 12/1
  • Pittsburgh Penguins 14/1
  • LA Kings 18/1
  • Boston Bruins 18/1
  • Washington Capitals 18/1
  • Vancouver Canucks 18/1
  • New York Islanders 18/1
  • Calgary Flames 20/1
  • Winnipeg Jets 25/1
  • Detroit Red Wings 28/1
  • Columbus Blue Jackets 28/1
  • Ottawa Senators 33/1
  • San Jose Sharks 33/1
  • Dallas Stars 40/1
  • Colorado Avalanche 40/1
  • Philadelphia Flyers 40/1
  • Florida Panthers 50/1
  • Edmonton Oilers 66/1
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 75/1
  • New Jersey Devils 90/1
  • Carolina Hurricanes 100/1
  • Buffalo Sabres 125/1
  • Arizona Coyotes 150/1

There’s the list of 30 teams.  First of all, I know for a fact you can get a better return on most of these teams at different sportsbooks, so just make sure you compare odds before placing any bets.

My Tips

LA Kings logoThe first thing that jumps out at me when looking at those odds is the LA Kings at 18/1.  This Kings team is still very much a contender with one of the best cores in the game.  They won 2 of the last 4 Stanley Cups and yet they’re considered the 9th favourite along with 4 other teams to win the Cup next season.  If the Kings made the playoffs this year, even in 8th in the West, I can almost guarantee they would have been a top 5 team based on the odds heading into the post season.  The Kings at 18/1 are definitely my favourite play.

I also like the Lightning at 10/1 (you can get better odds elsewhere).  This team made the Cup Finals this year and as an extremely young team they will be just as hungry next year.  Not to mention the entire team is basically staying together.  The Lightning will be the team to beat in the East next year and once you make the Finals anything can happen.

The Blues at 11/1 are my other favourite pick.  This is a very young team that will lean even more on Tarasenko and Schwartz next season.  They have one of the best top D cores in the game and we saw how important that is with the Blackhawks this year.  If they can just get over that hump I think this team could be extremely dangerous.

I like the Bolts and Blues, but if you’re going to make one bet the best value has to be the Kings.  They will be ready to bounce back after being embarrassed this season.

Check back before the season begins for up to date odds and to see how they lines have changed because of off-season moves and more!

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