Streak Up The Cup NHL Betting Promotion, our top rated NHL online sportsbook, is currently running an amazing promotion for NHL bettors.  This promotion rewards NHL bettors on with free bets, hats, jerseys and even NHL tickets.  All you have to do is build a streak of winning NHL bets and the prizes are yours.

How It Works

  • Place an NHL wager of $20 or more and will begin to keep track of your consecutive NHL betting wins.
  • Win 4 bets in a row and receive a $20 free bet.
  • 6 wins = free NHL hat.
  • 8 wins = free NHL jersey.
  • 12 wins = 2 free tickets to an NHL game of your choice!
  • You also receive free bets for consecutive losses.

You must opt in to take part in this promotion.  Visit now to opt in and start taking advantage of this great NHL betting promo.

Why Take Advantage

  • You have nothing to lose by signing up at and opting into this promotion.
  • Accounts at multiple sportsbooks increases your expected value because you have more NHL betting lines to compare in order to ensure you are receiving the most favourable odds for each outcome.
  • The $20 free bets alone provide a great deal on value for NHL bettors.
  • The prizes would be cool to win and would be great for bragging rights among your fellow NHL fanatics.

It is rare to find online sportsbook promotions directly targeting NHL bettors.  I suggest anyone currently betting at to opt-in to this promotion and anyone betting elsewhere to seriously consider opening a account to take advantage of the added value this NHL betting promo provides!

Written by: Niko de Jonge

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