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Hey what’s up? My name is Brandon Coppinger or as my friends call me Cop. I’m from the mean streets of Goodlettsville, TN. I cut my teeth in gambling at the young age of 5 at the dog tracks. When I turned 10 I built my retirement fund off of horse racing, also known as the sport of kings. At the age of 15, not only did I start breaking hearts, but I started betting on sports and have never looked back. I love to win at life and love to pick winners. I encourage  you all to call, text, or email all of your friends and tell them that this site is what life is all about. You gambling on sports because you want to win money right? Follow me every single day and I will build you a bankroll so high, that your life style will change forever. We are all on the same team and are job is to beat the man that is giving us the action (5dimes, Pinnacle, Sports Interaction). Enjoy the ride and enjoy the picks.

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