Stanley Cup pictureFutures bets are wagers on outcomes that will happen in the distance future.  Some typical NHL futures bets include the division winner during the season, the Conference Championships in the playoffs and of course betting on the Stanley Cup champion.

Futures are my favourite type of NHL bet because I feel I have the greatest control over the outcome.  Any team can win one game, but more often than not the best team will finish atop the division after an 82 game regular season.  These bets also allow me to follow my teams and cheer them on each game, without having to make a wager on the single game to excited about it.

On this page I would outline some of the common NHL futures wagers that you can place before or during the season and give some basic tips out placing futures bets in general. is generally the best sportsbook for placing NHL futures bets.  They have the best selection and often have the best odds for each team.

Stanley Cup Winner

The Stanley Cup Champion futures bet is the most common and will be available throughout the entire season.  The odds will change depending on a teams chances and the publics perception of that team.  This is difficult bet to win because only 1 of 30 NHL teams will be crowned the Stanley Cup Champion and the NHL is such an even league that it is often anyone’s guess as to which team will win the 16 playoff games to earn that title.

Here is an example screenshot of the Stanley Cup Futures odds from 5Dimes.  This won’t be up to date and you should visit if you want to see the up to date odds.


Conference Winner

This is the same type of bet as the Stanley Cup Champion, but you are wagering on which team will win either Conference Finals.  This is another playoffs bet and whichever teams represent their respective conferences in the Stanley Cup Finals are the Conference Champs and will have their Conference Winners futures bets payout.

Division Winner

It’s important to note that division winner bets are regular season bets and do not involve the playoffs.  There are 6 divisions in the NHL and the team to finish atop each of these divisions in the regular season is that divisions champion.

Over/Under Team Points

Before the season begins you will also be able to find over/under prop bets for how many points a team will get.  For example, the Senators might have an over/under total of 91.5.  If you think they will get 92 points or more you should bet the over, while if you think they could struggle you should be the under.

Make Playoffs?

This is another futures bet that will often be gone once the season starts.  You can bet on whether or not a team will make the playoffs.

Individual Awards

Bookies will also offer odds on the individual player award winners throughout the season.  You can bet on the Norris, the Hart, the Art Ross trophy and more.

Free Futures Picks

Check out the NHL picks section of the website to find some NHL futures predictions posts.  Throughout the season keep your eyes peeled in that predictions section for sharp bets on the Stanley Cup winner and more.

Basic Futures Bets Tips

It is often smart to place futures bets on teams that have been losing lately because the lines will adjust depending on the publics outlook on the teams chance for success.  If a team like the Red Wings slump mid season it may be the perfect time to place a Stanley Cup bet on them because you know if they make the playoffs the Red Wings will always have a shot at a deep run.  Vice versa is also true.  In general you shouldn’t place a futures wager on a team that is on a big winning streak.  The line for that team winning the Cup will have shortened making the return much less than it would have been if you had placed a bet earlier.  The line will likely lengthen after the winning streak has ended and the team has returned to their normal win rate and normal outlook for success.

Something To Keep In Mind

Although it is often possible to find very sharp futures bets for the NHL you should keep in mind the time value of money.  When you place a futures bet your cash will be locked up for the season.  For this reason you should factor in the time value of money when deciding if a bet is a smart play.  You should also only bet futures at reputable online sportsbooks because you never know what could happen to some of the weaker books over the course of an NHL season.  Each of the bookies listed on our NHL sportsbooks page our reputable and you should feel comfortable placing futures bets through any of them.