Stanley Cup pictureThe Stanley Cup is often referred to as the most difficult to win trophy in all of sports.  Does that saying translate into Stanley Cup betting being the hardest to win money at?  I don’t think so.  This page takes a look at how and where to bet on the Stanley Cup finals, as well as a few tips to help you win your Stanley Cup bets this year.

Where To Bet On The Stanley Cup?

Our top rated sportsbook for Stanley Cup futures odds is  In general they offer the best futures lines of all of the NHL sportsbooks outlined on  That being said, there will be the team that has higher payout odds at another online bookie so make sure you do your research.

Top Rated Stanley Cup Sportsbook:

Bet on the Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Futures Betting

Stanley Cup bets can be placed at any time through the year.  The really on the ball sportsbooks will have the next years Stanley Cup Champion odds up only a few weeks after the Stanley Cup has been awarded for the previous season.  The odds can range from around +500 for one of the favourites, right up to +10,000 for a team like the Columbus Blue Jackets who really have no shot.  When you place a bet on the Stanley Cup it’s important to note that your funds will be locked up until the Stanley Cup is decided.  That’s the one problem with Stanley Cup bets; you have to make sure the bet is a smart enough play to justify locking up that part of your NHL betting bankroll.  Check out the NHL futures betting page for more information on Stanley Cup futures bets and to check out the odds for this years Stanley Cup winner.  **Remember to also check the odds at, because they generally offer the best payouts.

Stanley Cup Betting Tips

  • Bet Against The Public Opinion – By that I mean don’t bet on a team when the public and subsequently the oddsmakers are high on a team.  If the Flyers are on a 10 game winning streak it’s probably not the best time to wager on them to win the Stanley Cup.  Try to place your bets on teams when the public’s opinion of the team is low.  If they get off to a rough start but you think they can turn it around.  If they are hitting a rough patch in the middle of the season and people start to lose faith.  If their top player goes down with an undisclosed injury.  These are all good times to bet on a team to win the Stanley Cup because the payout will be higher.
  • Don’t Bet On Long Shots – Realistically there are usually about 10 teams that have a legitimate shot at winning the Stanley Cup each year.  Then there are 10 teams with an outside shot and 10 teams with absolutely no shot at all.  No matter what the odds do not bet on the teams with absolutely no shot.  You are throwing your money away.  The parity in the NHL is great, but there are always going to be teams that just don’t have a shot.